Friday, July 29, 2011

LAST WEEK...finally...

Express top, American Eagle belt, LTB jeans, Old Navy sandals, Target earrings

Target earrings, American Eagle belt

Express top, ReRock jeans, Old Navy flip flops, Forever 21 flower earrings

Forever 21 flower earrings

Gap top, AE jeans, TOMs, Forever 21 earrings

Forever 21 earrings

Express top, Gap jeans, TOMs, Forever 21 flower earrings

Forever 21 flower earrings

Gap vintage tee, AE belt, LTB jeans, TOMs, James Avery charm necklace, Faux diamond studs

James Avery charm necklace, Faux diamond studs

I have GOT to go back to posting EVERY day, this was ridiculous!

Because of husbands new job, sitter (grandparents) out of town, lack of planning, lack of funds, and flat out laziness--my workouts have been pretty damn crappy WHEN I did them, I havent tanned and am turning albino, have eaten pretty poorly (no junk...just the same thing ALL day, EVERY day...BORING), havent gotten enough sleep, have been on the verge of making some life changing decisions so my stress level and the amount of worry I have dealt with has been high, a secret family, because of all this (and the wonderful daily challenges of having three YOUNG kids) ...I HAVE FELT LIKE SHIT.  I look in the mirror every morning to get ready and see an old puffy worn out woman...with HORRIBLE hair that needs to be colored...bad posture...and on top of that I have had a piss poor attitude.  This being said, I have felt less than confident.  I have felt like ass.  So...this will be dealt with.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Winner of the My Olivia Jewelry giveaway is...

The random number generator selected comment number 147:

Hoa said...

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Congratulations!  You have 48 hours to respond to my email before a different winner is selected.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gap fade away button up shirt, AE jeans, TOMs, Express rhinestone hoops

Express rhinestone hoops

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Annie Dee's Giveaway

Did you know that you can never really say that you have a complete fashion wardrobe until you get everything in check, including your hair accessories? It’s true. Even if you’ve just had your hair cut, rebonded, or treated, you’re going to want to use some accessories to really emphasize their beauty whether you are outdoors or not. It’s not as though hair suddenly doesn’t look good without accessories all over. It’s just that accessories have a way of bringing out more beauty and can really help catch other people’s attentions. If you’ve got hair, you’ll want accessories.

I found an AWESOME shop for hair accessories!

Annie Dee's hair flower accessories are for women, children, and babies.  They are handmade from high quality chiffon, satin, organza fabrics, including headbands, hair clips, bobby pin sets, barrettes and fascinators. Perfect for your bridal party, wedding, special event, or for just every day wear!

Annie Dee's also create crochet items including, hats, headbands, baby booties, jewelry, and bath scrubbies!

PLUS, Annie Dee's will have Mohawk hats coming very SOON!

Annie Dee's also does custom orders and have many pieces of fabric. If you're looking for something in a certain color or style; don't be shy - request a custom order!

  • SALE Pink and Green Upcycled Organza Flower Clip
  • SALE Ivory Ruffle Satin Flower Orange Accent
  • Ivory Cream Chiffon Gold Flower
  • Two Pastel Rainbow Eggs - Crochet
  • Tiffany Blue Satin Bobby Pin Set
  • Bright White Blue Satin Flower Clip Headband
  • Green White Satin Flower Hair Clip
  • Light Copper Satin Flower Bobby Pin
  • Yellow Floral Lace and Chiffon Hair Flower
  • Yellow Satin Flower Clip Pin Brooch Headband

Here is a little more about Annie, the owner and operator of Annie Dee's:

I'm a mom to two children, my daughter is 10 and my son is 3. I work full time, but love to craft and have lots of different projects going on at a time. When I see something interesting, I want to make it - I think that's half the fun for me. Trying to figure out how something is made and doing it my way :)

I just started my very own crafting blog to chronicle my projects - and hopefully motivate me to finish them... 

You can find Annie Dee's  craft blog here:

Here are a few of my FAVORITE pieces:

THANK YOU to Annie Dee's for sponsoring this GIVEAWAY!!!  
Annie Dee's would like to offer the winner of this giveaway the Purple chiffon and organza flower hair pin. 

Such a HOT color right now; PERFECT addition to any wardrobe!  It will complete not only emphasize your beauty but complete your stylish look as well!

Here is how you enter:


1.  Follow me through Google Friend Connect.  Leave a comment on this post letting my know that you follow through google friend and provide me with your email address. (one entry)


2.  Get a friend to follow 'my big girl pants' through Google Friend Connect.  Leave me a comment with the name of the person you recruited and provide with me your email address. (one entry)
3.  Subscribe to my blog via email.  Leave me a comment saying that you have subscribed via email and provide me with your email address.

4.  Follow me on twitter @VanessaIaquinta and tweet this giveaway! Make sure you tag me and leave a comment (with your email) telling me you tweeted this giveaway! You can tweet EVERYDAY and it will count as a new entry EVERYDAY!!!  DO IT!

5.  Follow Annie Dee's on Twitter and tweet this giveaway tagging Annie Dee's and me.  Leave me a comment telling me you follow Annie Dee's and tweeted the giveaway.  YOU CAN TO THIS EVERYDAY!!!

6.  "Like" Annie Dee's on FB.  Leave me a comment telling me you "like" Annie Dee's and provide me with your email address.
7.  Post this giveaway on FB, make sure you tag me ("like" me HERE) and Annie Dee's. Leave a comment letting me know you posted it on FB and provide me with your email address.

8.  Go to Annie Dee's Etsy store and "heart" your favorite item AND her store.  Leave me a comment telling me which item you heart and provide me with your email address. (one entry)

10.  BUY something from Annie Dee's. Leave me a comment telling me you made a purchase and provide me with your email address.  (5 entries--this means, if you purchase something, you must leave me 5 separate comments in order to earn your 5 entries.)

This giveaway will end July 30nd at 11:59pm

Gap sheer shoulder tee, ReRock jeans, TOMs, Forever 21 flower earrings

Forever 21 flower earrings


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gap blouse, AE jeans, TOMs, Forever 21 earrings

Forever 21 earrings

Gap blouse


Monday, July 18, 2011

Gap shirt, ReRock jeans, Old Navy flip flops, Large faux diamond studs, James Avery charm necklace

Large faux diamond earrings

James Avery charm necklace (butterfly and St. Christopher)

ReRock jeans

Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!

Gap burn out tee, AE shorts, TOMs, Forever 21 flower earrings

Forever 21 flower earrings

Gap cardigan, Comfortissimo drop waist maxi, Express rhinestone hoops, Forever 21 sandals

Express rhinestone hoops

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We went swimming today...probably will swim again tomorrow...I LOVE WEEKENDS.
Target dress (THANK YOU MELISSA!!!), swim suit, Old Navy flip flops

Friday, July 15, 2011

Abercrombie cardigan, AE tank, AE jeans, Blue Seven "LOVER" belt (because, yes, I am a lover), Old Navy flip flops, Faux diamond studs

Abercrombie cardigan and AE tank

"LOVER" belt