Tuesday, May 31, 2011

AE drop waist dress, Old Navy flip flops, Large faux diamond studs, James Avery charm necklace

Large faux diamond earrings, James Avery charm necklace


Michaela Dawn said...
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Michaela Dawn said...

Lovely V...

I've missed my time checking in over here... the gardens... and the farm, aaaaaaand the barn animals, ooop I mean kids:P WinK... have me preoccupied most of the time... yet! I truly revel in your "devil may fly attitude" and posh "hotty-mommy" style: frankly, I need a large dose of it every once in a while... so here's a cheers to you for being one of my top Blog-a-Liciouse check in's and here's to your smashing style and darling cuteness!


Whoop Whoop!

{there we go that's much better}

Vanessa said...

KKDAWN! THANK YOU! I just LOVE you so much! Im glad we are buddies :)