Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

It was a different kind of exciting than I had hoped for.  It started with a trip to the Zoo with Me, Rafe, Judah, and their friends Aiden and Liam.  It went well.  Kids were WELL BEHAVED (thank you God) and we had a great time.  Had a few adventures that included pee EVERYWHERE, screaming and biting, but overall, it was GREAT. I was exhausted. 

Later that night Jay and I had planed a nice date night.  Jay and I went to Cafe 501, a restaurant we had never been to before, and it was ahh-mazing!  We had amazing appetizers, wine, and Jays entree was  I am addicted the Iron Starr BBQ's Friday special, the MEATLOAF.  The manager at 501 used to work with Jay and came over before we were about to order and I asked him about the meatloaf, he highly recommended it so I was all smiles and drooling in meatloaf anticipation.  I decided, "MEATLOAF IT IS!"  All this said, It was not Iron Starr's meatloaf...I couldn't eat it AT ALL.  Gag.  I am sure it is good, but it was NOT what I wanted.  As soon as it came out, I took a bite and told Jay "I cant eat this pile of #$@%*&!."  We weren't going to send it back since we knew the manager and didn't want to be "THOSE PEOPLE", so Jay and I decided we would switch plates.  Jay got some salmon, I like salmon, he likes meatloaf, we would switch.  The manager came over RIGHT as were we about to trade plates and asked "How's that meatloaf?!"  I (already overtaken by numb-face cockeyed consequences of one glass of wine too many) shouted, "LOVE IT!" and proceeded to stare at my plate picking at the side of green beans.  The manager stayed at our table the ENTIRE dinner, talking; the meatloaf just sat.  He finally said, "you can tell me if you don't like the meatloaf" (giving me an out), I said (wide-eyed and overly excited) "NO IT'S GREAT!"  The meatloaf still...just...sat.  Jay piped in and told him "Oh, she eats like a bird."  Which, if you know me AT ALL, you know, this is UNTRUE.  I, again remind you, feeling the effects of the wine, offended and confused responded, "HAHA NO I EAT LIKE A HORSE!" (what does that even mean?  HOW THE HELL DOES A HORSE EAT??)  realizing by stupidity, "BUT...those appetizers sure were filling!"  The manager offered a dessert.  Jay told him that we were pretty full.  I said, "Oooooo, CHOCOLATE ANYTHING!  But, I am pretty full..." (the meatloaf still...sat).  We got the flourless chocolate cake, which is one of my favorite desserts, and I DEVOURED the whole thing.  We boxed the meatloaf.  Besides my FAIL of an entree, the dinner was wonderful and it was a great date.  

We met up with friends later, had a WONDERFUL time, then went and got the baby.  The other boys were going to spend the night at my moms and go to Sunday School with her the next morning.  We got Gianni and went home.  

I woke up WAY TOO EARLY the next morning to a HORRIBLE scream from Mr. Rocco's room...fixed his breakfast and grabbed him out of bed (my head pounding from my wine indulgence the night before).  He was BURNING UP.  I took his temperature, 101.9.  Normally, fevers don't bother me.  A fever is the body's way of killing an infection and it is BEST when the body can work it out on its own--HOWEVER, this past week, one by one, kids from the preschool from where I work had gone home with Strep.  Strep, very dangerous when left untended, is USUALLY something that strikes school aged children or the elderly.  Babies USUALLY don't get strep.  This being said, I figured it would be best to get it ruled out because of the potential danger it carries.  Gianni and I ate and headed to the ER.  OF COURSE, it was only a minor ear infection.  Dr. prescribed antibiotics.  In most scenarios, I am opposed to antibiotics.  Gianni was just getting over a bout of thrush and I knew antibiotics would just hinder his recovery of thrush and could make it worse.  Antibiotics are not even PROVEN to do anything for an ear-ache, kills ALL bacteria, including the good bacteria everyone needs to keep them well.  I talked to the Dr. and told him my thoughts.  He told me he had no problem with me skipping the antibiotics, to just do Tylenol and an antihistamine for the next few days and more than likely it would clear up; if not, I had an antibiotic prescription and could decide what to do if that time came.  The Dr. that I got at the ER was a European Dr.  He told me in Europe they don't treat earaches with antibiotics; instead, the rupture the eardrum not allowing there to be a home for an infection.  The ear drum grows back infection free and problem solved.  Interesting.  I am ready to move to Europe.  Anyway, this whole ordeal took a few hours.  

We got in the car to leave the ER, and my phone rang.  It was my mom.  Judah was crying on the other end saying his throat hurt (my boys say this when they are about to vomit, it is the best way for them to describe the feeling of GAGGING).  I told my mom to kiss his throat (a kiss fixes everything for Judah man) and go on to Sunday school, it would be fine.  A call came about 15 minutes later.  Judah had vomited ALL OVER himself and his dearly beloved Rabid the Dog (a little rabbit looking dog that he LOVES).  He was so upset that Rabid was FILTHY.  My mom said they were on their way to our house.  A call came 5 minutes later, Judah had vomited ALL in the car...all over Rabid again.  Yet again, he was FURIOUS that Rabid was FILTHY.  They got to the house, I cleaned up the mess, took Judah's temperature, 101.9.  I gave him some Tylenol, and he proceeded to run around like a crazy maniac...clearly NOT SICK.  

The weekend continued on this way with a few more exciting adventures.  A dead bird in the house (which was secretly brought in and cared for...thank you lover of animals-RAFE).  

Last night we had some friends over and had a marathon of Game of Throwns, one of my new favorite HBO shows.  The weekend was good over-all...but I need another weekend just to relax.  I have a soccer game tonight...I am hoping to take my exhausted body and wreak havoc on others; that always makes me feeling good :)

Zoo trip
Old Navy tube top, AE shorts, Old Navy flip flops, Forever 21 flower earrings

Forever 21 flower earrings
Mommy and Rafe at the Zoo

Judah, Rafe, Aiden and Liam, my wonderful zoo buddies!

 Date night :)
Comfortissimo (giveaway???) dress, Forever 21 sandals, Large hoops

V and Jay, date night :)

I proceeded to swim and wear my bathing suit the rest of the weekend.

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