Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Ok.  I am vowing NOW to not let myself get behind like this AGAIN.  Craziness!  Here are the last week and a half outfits--still dressing like a woman!  BAM!

Monday.  Im sporting some nice, new "womanly" dress pants, and the boys are wearing their new Superhero T-shirts (Thank you GRAMMY!).  I have not worn dress pants in YEARS.  I bought a few pairs.  Monday-first time to wear my new dress pants-I kicked myself, WHY THE HELL DID I GET RIG OF ALL MY THONGS?  I had a HUGE panty-line-- if you happened to see me that Monday and mistook my ass for and 80 year old's panty-lined mom-jean ass--I hate you.  I had to make do with the panties I had.  Monday afternoon, I MIIIIGHT have...Maaaaaybe....hastily and furiously decided to just totally ditch the panties (sick, right?)...Monday night I stocked up on thongs.  

Judah, Rafe, Gianni Rocco, Librarian butt

Express Top, Express Editor pants, Old Navy sandals, Target earrings, Panty-line from hell

Gap cardigan, PacSun tank, LTB jeans, TOMs

Express sheer shoulder top, Express Editor pants, Gap flats, Forever 21 flower studs

I missed Thursdays picture but I wore an Express polo, ReRock jeans, TOMs and my forever 21 flower studs

Gap cardigan, Hollister (oh kill me now) top, AE belt, LTB jeans, TOMs

VS tank, AE jeans, TOMs, Large faux diamond studs

I missed Sundays picture, (WHAT THE HECK?  I MISSED TWO PICTURES THIS WEEK?!  Ugh, fail.) I wore a gap top, ReRock jeans, TOMs

Forever 21 Tunic, Gap high-waisted belt, Express Editor pants, Forever 21 sandals, large gold hoops

Old Navy top, Gap wide pin-striped pants, TOMs (which now have a hole in the toe...I SWEAR I cut my toenails.  Sick, right?), Forever 21 earrings

I promise I will be better.  I have a couple giveaways coming up...two clothing items...eeek!  Ok.  MUST. POST. DAILY.

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Katus said...

Haha I like that you wore Candice's dress as a shirt..