Tuesday, February 1, 2011


For those of you who know me, you know, I HATE THE COLD.  My lips turn purple when it is below 65 degrees.  My limbs go numb.  I have a cold heart.  I start giving people the cold shoulder.  In fact, some say, I'm as cold as ice, I'm willing to sacrifice our love, Ill never take advice and someday Ill pay the price...you know? Does anyone know how to keep your feet from getting cold?  Oh, I know--don't go around BRRRRfooted (hahahhahaha oh I hate me).   Anyway, the "life threatening" Oklahoma snownado blizzard of 2011 struck.  I wore this, inside, all day long, while standing in front of the fireplace, straddling a space heater--TRUE.
Gap brimmed winter hat, Gap long puffy coat, UGGs, VS fleece leggings, Gap arm warmers, Gap scarf.  Under all of this I am wearing bottomless long underwear and have red coals in my pockets.


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