Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last night I went out with Jay and some friends.  I had picked an outfit in advance to prevent a "nothing to wear" episode; you know, closet full of clothes, NOTHING to wear, then, ineveitably, your floor is covered with clothes, you are in a bad mood and you HATE what you are wearing? I gave myself an hour and a half.  This is what happened during my hour and a half (all boys are supposed to be napping)...

Rafe got up to poop and needed me to "clean" (wipe) him.
Gianni woke up from his nap and went from a happy, sleeping, FAT baby to a furious, starving, FAT baby in one second.
Gianni pooped and some how filled his onesie with poop but the diaper remained clean.
Judah woke up from his nap DEMANDING he have a bowl of cantaloupe, the cantaloupe was not cut and was hidden...he managed to find it, carry it to my bedroom, then proceeded to throw it at my feet.
Judah pooped.
Judah took off his diaper and sat on me.

Poop. on. my. SHIRT!!!!!  So, I didn't get wear this:

Forever 21 shirt, VS tank, AE jeans, Gap tan flats

Forever 21 earrings

My hour and a half before the sitter arrived turned into 20 minutes AND I wasnt even CLOSE to being ready.  This is what I ended up wearing...(along with coat of sweat, my panties in a wad, and a chip on my shoulder):

 VS plaid tunic, VS tank, AE jeans, TOMS

Target yellow earrings

Inevitably, there are piles of clothes all over my bedroom that I will have to deal with today. 

I did have a fun, social night.

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Anna said...

When I used to babysit I was always asked to come early so the mom could get ready (and I hated that because I just wanted them to leave)and now I totally understand why. Pretty much every time I'm getting ready for a date it is a horrible experience...No toddler poop yet! hahaha, so funny and so gross...hahaaahah.