Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend late posts...

Due to my stupid asshole computer charger plug, these posts are LATE.  I did dress over the weekend.  I did feel good in my clothes.  I did shout profanities at the computer plug...A LOT.  What an asshole.  HOW DARE YOU!  Ugh, the balls on that thing.  What a way to remember Easter...laced with rotten words.  Those two things probably don't belong, I yam what I yam.  Regardless, the creep plug has been replaced and I am wearing my pants.

We spend good Friday at the Zoo.  
 Gap Tee, AE jeans (the button has now fallen off I wear them so much...FAIL), TOMs, Forever 21 earrings

 Forever 21 earrings

 the cute little satin pocket on my Gap tee

 me and the old man

 doesn't my oldest look like he is having a blast?  He was furious we had to stop and take this picture. 

my little fatty, Gianni Rocco

I don't know where Saturday's pictures went...but don't worry, they are missing because of the computer plug...I'M SURE OF IT.

However, THIS was saved from Saturday...a nice little text conversation between me and Candice, my favorite sister...I was trying to get a hold of her and KNEW she had her phone right by her because she was texting with my mom...She was over at "Colby's" house...whoever the hell that is.  I never found out who the hell "Colby" was).  THIS caused a knock down drag out fight.  Of course.

From:  Candice Message: What Date: 04/23/11 8:49:29 PM

To:  Candice Message: I know you heard your phone douche bag, answer it...Colby will just have to wait Date: 04/23/11 3:48:03 PM

To:  Candice Message:  Cheese boy Date: 04/23/11 3:48:15 PM
To:  Candice Message: Damn it candice, tell cheddar to hold on Date: 04/23/11 3:49:38 PM

From:  Candice Message: What do you want Date: 04/23/11 8:49:58 PM

To:  Candice Message: For you to tell swiss to hold on Date: 04/23/11 3:50:39 PM

From:  Candice Message: Just tell me what you want Date: 04/23/11 8:51:49 PM

To:  Candice Message:  Get away from the cottage and answer the phone Date: 04/23/11 3:51:59 PM
To:  Candice Message: Does he have terRICOTTA floors? Date: 04/23/11 4:02:23 PM
To:  Candice Message:  Tell little boy bleu this is blood is starting to curdle. Date: 04/23/11 3:52:18 PM

From:  Candice Message: Just text me Date: 04/23/11 8:52:26 PM
From:  Candice Message: You're so gay Date: 04/23/11 8:52:34 PM

To:  Candice Message: Ohh that was a good one, arent you Krafty? Date: 04/23/11 4:20:53 PM
To:  Candice Message: Are you grating him?  Is he your boyfriend? Date: 04/23/11 4:09:55 PM
To:  Candice Message: Is he a whiz? Date: 04/23/11 4:07:27 PM
To:  Candice Message: Hes no gouda... Date: 04/23/11 4:05:30 PM
To:  Candice Message: I bet he is a muenster. Date: 04/23/11 4:13:22 PM
To:  Candice Message: I bet he listens to brie-yonce  Date: 04/23/11 4:15:41 PM
To:  Candice Message: And prays to cheesus. Date: 04/23/11 4:15:58 PM
To:  Candice Message:  Youre ignoring me? Brie-ng it on. Date: 04/23/11 4:13:57 PM

From:  Candice Message: Do not ever call me again Date: 04/23/11 9:01:55 PM

To:  Candice Message: Oh, are you getting feta-p with me? Date: 04/23/11 4:11:29 PM
To:  Candice Message: dairy dairy sorry. See you tonight. Date: 04/23/11 4:21:38 PM

Easter Sunday

 AE tank, AE jeans (no that's sick), Blue Seven cardigan, Old Navy flip flops, Large hoops
Large hoops and old woman neck

Happy Easter.


Jessica said...

You are hilarious!

Candice said...

I actually do not find it funny