Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hollister (gag) sweater, VS tank, AE jeans, Old Navy flip flops, Large Hoop earrings

"The old man" (Jay, husband) doesn't work Sundays so he has been home ALL DAY!  WONDERFUL!  We sent the two older boys off to church with Grandmommy for Palm Sunday, while me, "the old man" and Gianni Rocco attended to some important business.  "The old man" (Jay, husband), his poor wrinkled, lanky, whithered, shaky fingers dropped his dearly beloved Ipod.  He uses his Ipod so often that the ear buds have become growths out of his head.  So, we had a date with Best Buy while the kiddos waved their palm branches and talked about Donkeys.  

Double trouble, waiting for Grandmommy...

Gianni Rocco practicing his newly discovered skill of sitting.

I just love my little family.  They are my happy.

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