Thursday, April 21, 2011


Here are pictures from Rafe and Judah's Superhero Birthday Par-tay!  Jay and I sported our Superhero shirts and the kiddos ran WILD in their superhero capes, masks and SUPER CRAZY MANIAC alter-egos...

(Me and Judah, the middle son, HULK)
I wore my Wonder Woman shirt, Gap shorts, Old Navy flip flops, Purple Wire flower earrings

 Jay (Marvel Villains shirt) and Rafe (oldest son, Spiderman)

 We had the party at my in-laws.  PaPa built a HUGE pirate ship tree house for all the grand kids.  For the party, we dubbed the ship SUPERHERO HEADQUARTERS.

 I bought different colors of felt and made capes out of them.  I tied them at the neck with little ribbons and provided the kiddos (maniacs) with neat sticky back felt shapes and letters to decorate their capes with.  IT WAS A HIT!  Cheap and easy!

I also had superhero masks to decorate.

Snacks provided: VILLAIN VINES (twizzlers), AQUA MAN's JUICE (juice, water), GREEN GOBLIN GUMMIES (gummy bears), FLIGHT POWER FRUIT (watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, pineapple), VENOM VEGETABLES (carrots, maters, peppers), HULK SMASH GUAC (guac), SUPER SUN CHIPS (sun chips), POWER PRETZELS (pretzels), and MUCH MUCH MORE!
 (food is my favorite part of ANY party...FOOOOOD...I LOVE FOOD)

Gianni Rocco-he managed to shoot poop up the back of his superhero onesie the moment people started showing up for the party.  I had made him a G$ onesie.  So, instead of wearing a poopie superhero onesie, he showed off his guns with a Wolverine tattoo. 

 Judah man, THE HULK...his favorite superhero.  He constantly runs around and smashes things while yelling "HULK SCHMASCH!"  He did this to his baby brother, Gianni Rocco...he straddled him and the sat down with full force, OVER and OVER and OVER again, knocking the air out of Gianni and causing Gianni to laugh hysterically; ALSO causing his mommy to have a heart attack...

 My little mommy, the REAL Wonder Woman, and Gianni Rocco

Waiting patiently on the cupcakes (screaming, crying, hitting, biting...)

 Superhero cupcakes with Superhero rings on top...

SPIDERMAN WEB FIGHT!  All kids got a can of silly string and we had a HUGE Spiderman Web fight (silly string).

My Birthday Boys!  Rafe is 4 and Judah is 2!


 His job was to terrify the children.

SUPERHERO PARTY SUCCESS!  Mission complete.   

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