Thursday, March 10, 2011

Abercrombie jacket, VS baby doll tank, Gap vintage flare jeans, AE moccasins, Enchante earrings

Enchante earrings

Ive decided, since the ends of my hair WILL NOT STRAIGHTEN, it is time for a hair cut.  Im trying to grow it out.  It used to be SO long:

Then I cut it:

Now it's a weird length and feels like straw...or shit:

I want to keep growing it out but I need a style....what to do, what to do...


Enchante' said...

Girl, they look like little buds of green perfectly content on your ears!

Enchante' said...
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Enchante' said...

Hahaa Typo on my part:P

Also, that crown of glory looks so amazing long! I say keep it long until you're so old your hands cannot comb it!

Vanessa said...

hahaha that's what I am leaning towards...until my hands are so old I cannot comb it...hahaha