Monday, March 7, 2011


I had a surprise date tonight!  Jay got his parents (Thanks Joe and Char!) to watch the boys and took me out for drinks, the Thunder game, then Tapas!  We walked downtown to get tickets from scalpers...a bit cold but still fairly pleasant.  We walked to a hotel bar that is near the Ford Center, where the Thunder games are played.  We had a couple glasses of wine (if you have ever had wine with me...I am an EXTREMELY happy tipsy person...a couple glasses of wine and you can't even see my face behind my huge smile).   Then we walked back to the Ford Center and enjoyed an AWESOME game; overtime win!  Through some maniacal cheering, I managed to throw my earring a few bleachers down from where we were sitting (I get overly excited...FAST).  Jay was my hero and salvaged it from a puddle of beer and nacho cheese.  After the game we had Tapas.  It was our first experience with Tapas; we LOVED it.  It was a total mental health night.  Whew, sometimes I don't realize how exhausting it is having three little boys!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my boys and invest MOST of my time and energy into them willingly and happily.  They are my joy.  They remind me of all things good.  But, it was so nice to have a break from being jumped on, changing diapers, reading Goodnight Moon, reading the encyclopedia of ocean creatures, putting band aids on wounds, kissing imaginary boo boos, playing "I'm scared of the growling animal", breaking apart fights, being bit on the leg....MUCH NEEDED BREAK.  Jay recognized my wear and tear and took care of me.  What a guy.  He has been working a lot lately; he thought we needed some good one on one quality time.  It was good for our individual selves and it was good for our relationship.  Adult time keeps me sane and recharges me.  I needed to recharge my Vanessa wife battery.  I needed to recharge my Vanessa mommy battery.  I needed to recharge my Vanessa me battery.    It was a good night. 

Gap lounge cardigan, Gap (new) button up sheer blouse, AE jeans, TOMs, Express rhinestone hoop earrings (Thank you Jay for rescuing my earring from the filthy piss puddle) 

hair half way up, messy do...YESSSSS!

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Anna said...

what a good man you have! way to go Jay! :)