Sunday, March 6, 2011

Following the Tips/Tricks of a Makeup Artsist...

If you have known me for any length of time you know, my eye make up has NEVER changed.  I am obsessed with "winged eye-liner" or "cat-eyes" (even though I HATE cats...ok, not just cats...all animals  disgust me.  Oh my gosh they gross me out so bad-just filthy, stinky, gross.  My son, however, wishes he was an animal, so I put up with the animals...and encourage his love of animals...all while my skin is crawling and I am and gagging and dry heaving.  I mean, seriously, hair ALL OVER?  THICK wrinkled skin?  THEY CANT WIPE.  Have you ever seen a Hippo poop?  It's like someone opened the valve on a fire hydrant.  THE SMELL OF THE PACHYDERM BUILDING?!  Turtles mating?  A dog rubbing his butthole on the CARPET?!  Leaking ANAL GLANDS?  Yes, animals disgust, I hate cats.  But I love cat-eye makeup).  Obsessed might now be the right word...ADDICTED is more like it.  I really think I start shaking if I do not have my eyeliner on.  I LOVE EYELINER.  I decided to try something new with my makeup...NO, that wont happen.  I decided to PERFECT my eye-make up(huge wide-eyed winged liner eyes) following a make-up artist's tips and tricks.  Like I said, I like winged liner/cat-eyes.  I also like HUGE eyes.  I have deep-set almond shaped eyes.  I looked up make-up for my eye type, make-up tips to make my eyes look HUGE and also how to do winged-liner/cat-eyes then took all the tips, combined the tips, and applied. So here we go:

 start with a clean eye, curl lashes

 add concealer to the lid and under the eye

 swipe a neutral color eye shadow all over the lid (I use covergirl tapestry taupe, because that is all that I have EVER used) then add a highlighter to the inside of the eye (tear duct) and the brow bone

swipe a darker color on the outer lower lid (I use Mark by Avon, tiki), then swipe an even darker color darker color into the crease (I use Mark by Avon, java)

add eye liner across the top lid.  Apply a thicker line on the outer half of the lid (I use Mark by Avon glitter glimmersticks in brown sugar OR covergirl brown/black)

apply a lighter eye liner to the outer half of the lower lid (I used my tiki eyeshadow)

add two coats of mascara to the tip lashes, with an emphasis on the outer top lashes (I don't know what the hell this mascara is...the writing came's from covergirl)

I like the new tips but...
 I look exactly the same...


Stella Kim said...

Nice!! Thanks Vanessa! :)



Enchante' said...

So Vanessa... would you come model for me, pretty please!

I love this post!

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