Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My goal for March...

My goal for March is to try out some new hairstyles.  I have been scouring the Internet looking for 2011 hair trends.  Now, I REALLY like the ponytail OBVIOUSLY but, this is mainly because I. AM. LAZY. when it comes to my hair.  I am going to attempt to "style" my hair more.  I am sure there will be days that I give up and after hours of working on my hair, it will be thrown furiously into a ponytail (I do mean FURIOUSLY).  Some of the 2011 hair trends include ponytails, SO, as long as it is a "stylish" ponytail in accordance to the trend, then it will not be labelled my typical ponytail FAIL.  Again, this is my attempt...attempting to do this is a step; one step closer to hair style success.  Here are the styles that I THINK I can accomplish without scalping myself through frustration:

middle part, low messy bun

extreme part, side up

the "swoop", bangs pinned loosely to the side


top knot

curled under



Be ready for some bad tempered posts in the very near future as I attempt to have "stylish" hair.  Kill. me. now.

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The Stottlemyre Chronicles said...

Pony tails are kind of awsome. I don't know what I would do if my hair was short again. I try to change it up by doing lower ponies for dress-up and high ponies for a more active playful look!! I also do the clippie or the upside down topsy turny thingy. I too struggle with this issue and I do blow dry and straighten my hair, but depending on the weather my hair can appear frizzy (this is my excuse almost every day). I wish you good luck on this adventure.... I don't know how you do all of this with 3 kids. I can barely get dressed. I usually don't even brush my hair unless I have showered.