Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthday date night with my Jaybee

Last night, after a day of shopping (JAY GOT ME THREE SWEATERS! WIN!  Pictures are below), my wonderful Jaybee took me to dinner and a movie.  My schweet sister, Candice, despite injuring her back whilst shaving (NOT A JOKE), baby sat our three boys.  The plan was to have them fed and the two youngest ones in bed before she got there.  Rafe, the oldest would stay up and watch movies with her, then she would send him to bed after that.  This way she wouldn't have to pick up anyone and hurt her back even more.  (Remember this).  So, Jay and I went to Cheevers, a fantastic locally owned restaurant; their theme being: "Contemporary Comfort Food".  This was my first time there...I LOVED IT.

 (I meant to get these pictures BEFORE we had started eating...when they set down the food, I tore into like a Shark and a bucket of chum...I had no control.)

Our Appetizer:
Great northern bean and roasted garlic hummus, topped with a poblano and pepita pesto. Finished with rosemary oil and served with campfire grilled flatbread.

Jays Dinner:
Oklahoma raised 10oz prime pork chop with sweet potato risotto and apple-fig chutney 

Birthday Girl's (ME!) Dinner:
Char-grilled zucchini, yellow squash, poblano, red bell pepper and Portobello mushroom, towered atop a charred jalapeno gratin

Birthday Girl's (ME!) Sides (not pictured...they were pretty much devoured as soon as they hit the table):

Mixed greens, roma tomatoes, red onion, pine nuts, and bleu cheese crumbles tossed in a pure maple vinaigrette
Grilled Asparagus with a balsamic glaze

Dinner was, like I said, FANTASTIC.

After dinner, Jay took me to see Black Swan.  I have been wanting to see it for a while, and I LOVED it.  Not a movie for everyone.  Here is a little review that I liked, if you are interested NY Times, Black Swan Review.

This is what I wore (I didn't have time to wash my hair, or get ready how I would have liked too...I was having too much fun playing with my little guys...I still felt good about how I was dressed, thus feeling semi confident--I THINK I am starting to like this feeling):

NEW Express knit sweater, Gap black/gray skinny jeans, black TOMS, Target large bead necklace.

Here are my NEW sweaters:

It was a GREAT Birthday date night with my Jaybee!  On the way home, I text Candice to see how things went; here is our text message conversation...

(Candice decided she wanted to keep the boys up because she missed them; she wanted to spend more time with them and they are easy boys...usually...)  

Me: On our way, how are things?

Candice:  Good! Small small fit with Judah, a nice melt down with rafe, and Gianni was difficult, wiggly, a little fussy when he wasn't sleeping.  Gianni had a difficult time eating until I realized nothing was coming out so I switched bottle nipples and this time it was pouring out and then I finally found one that was good.  Then he was happy and cooing and smiley then fought the sleepiness and is now completely out.

Me:  Haha, I forgot to tell you about those bottle nipples.  What happened with Rafe?  

Candice:  I said okay let's go to sleep! And rafe was like I want to watch cheetah and I said Noo remember we watched the shark one more time and then it was time for bed and he FLIPPED the loudest scream I've heard from him and then became stiff as a board

Me: Omg.

Candice:  Haha yeah.. So I got him real quick and tried to get him to time out and he about twisted his arm off so I set Gianni down and got him almost to time out then he threw himself to the floor, so I let him lay on the floor by the chair and I walked out and changed Giannis diaper and while I was  doing that he came in there and said I'm done I love you I'm going to bed gave me a big hug and then ran and got in bed as was totally fine.

Me: Geez, I am so sorry!

Candice: Oh and while I was changing Giannis diaper he peed all over everything. Even his head. Like it got on the side of his head by his ear and just everywhere.

Me: Of course.  How is your back?

Candice:  Well haha I had to lift Judah and rafe.. It hurts.

If she thinks she this episode gets her out of babysitting again...she better FORGET IT!


Melissa MF Markel said...

I cannot believe there are no comments to this. As such, I offer the following:

1. I hate hummus;
2. I LOVE Cheever's;
3. I am so jealous you got to go to both Black Swan AND Cheever's in the same night; and,
4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!! (I totally get this theory!!)

Candice said...

Hopefully the next time I babysit my back will not be hurting...

Vanessa said...

Markel-IT WAS INCREDIBLE. It was my first time there...I think I shed a tear as I left. Black swan was AMAZING, crazy but oh so wonderful. I really loved it! It was such a good Birthday date. At Cheevers, they were having this Lamb Tenderloin special that I ALMOST vegetable stack was wonderful...I cannot stop thinking about what that Lamb would have been like. It has been invading my thoughts. We were too full for their dessert, but apparently they are KNOWN for their desserts...they have this one that is a huge ice cream pecan ball also known as "the baby head"...I cannot wait to go back!

Vanessa said...

Candice, I guess you had better not shave anymore...