Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thank you, Jay!

This outfit dress/tunic was one of my Christmas presents from my Jaybee.  He has never gone and picked out clothes for me, was open about not ever wanting to pick out clothes for me,  and then surprised me with TONS of clothes for Christmas!  He spoiled me rotten.  He is so wonderful and encouraging in my quest of womanhood.  He is my big girl pants suspender--supportive.   I am happy I have him...aaaaaand my Christmas clothes. :)

Blue Seven buttoned mock turtle neck dress with the cutest little pockets (see my hand?), Gap footless tights (this was the first time I wore them and I fought with them all day; they would begin to sag and 5 seconds later the crotch was at my knees.  I had flash backs to childhood Sunday school outfits --the crotch of my ruffled bottom tights ALWAYS sagged to my knees and my little ruffles would peek out the bottom of my dress.  Cute.  It is not quite as cute's not at all cute now.  Needless to say, these will NOT be worn often), black TOMS, Forever 21 black flower studs.

Thank you, Jay, for this dress.


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beanis said...

your crotch is always at your knees