Sunday, January 2, 2011


The wonderful in-laws are taking the WHOLE family on a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in no other than Grapevine, Texas! I saved all my money from Christmas, Birthday, etc. for this trip! IM HITTING THE OUTLETS! This is where I will begin my journey of 'womanly wear'. What is 'womanly wear'? Hell, I DONT KNOW. I will make up a definition...'womanly wear' aka 'big girl pants' aka playing 'dress like a woman' aka 'the bane of my existence' aka 'shit with sleeves' aka--eh, you get the idea--is defined as fashionable items worn that create confidence in one's appearance. Plain. Simple. Easy....??? Oh, gag. It just MUST be something that celebrates being a woman (not a college student, not a person who looks like they should still be in bed, not a cave man--A WOMAN). I am in search of fashionable clothes and accessories...I shuddered as I typed that.

On a side note; I have lined up my first giveaway and will be reviewing and posting pictures of the items I have received to review. You will have the opportunity to win an item from the boutique I will be reviewing! Hoorah!


Anna said...

Any tips on not dressing like I dig women?

Vanessa said...

hahaha "I dig women"?????? WHAT.

Anna said...

I meant tips for me because I feel like I have been dressing like a tom boy lately. hehehe

Vanessa said...

HAHA Anna! I had to google "how to wear a scarf" the other day...I probably WILL have good tips for you the longer I do this; now though, I am still re-learning to dress my self!


Here is my amateur tip. Accessorize....?

OH-here is another-wear something that you could never, never, NEVER see one of your brothers in. Eh?