Monday, January 17, 2011

Well, I did it.

I wore a hoodie.  It was a "dressy" hoodie...AND I dressed it up even more with earrings.  OH BROTHER.

I am taking myself way too seriously in this picture...hand on my hip?  Who do I think I am?

Gap fashion forward asymmetrical sweater hoodie with fold down collar and beautiful gold zipper (sounds dressy, yes? Who am I fooling?), Gap vintage flare jeans, VS tank, Tretorn shoes, Earrings that someone left at my grandmommy's a few Christmases ago--if they are yours, DONT YOU EVEN TRY TO CLAIM THEM NOW.  TOO LATE.  TOO BAD, SO SAD.  MINE, SUCKER!  

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The Stottlemyre Chronicles said...

You make that sweater look good.