Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today I made it a point to dress a bit nicer than I normally do, since yesterday I gave in to my old habits of sneaky hoodie wear.  

Gap bib blouse, VS tank, Gap skinny black/gray wash jeans, TOMS, Target large black bead necklace
What a ham.


The Stottlemyre Chronicles said...

Do you feel wierd getting so dressed up and then just staying home with the kids? Don't get me wrong you look adorable, but I feel like I need to go somewhere when I get dressed. Is there something wrong with me?

clementinyClothing said...

You are absolutely stunning!!
I totally hear you both:) I am a mom AND work at home......yes, I spend A LOT of time in my jammies.......We were getting our kitchen remodeled and it was kind of great because I FORCED myself to get dressed every morning!
BUT, when it is date time and we get a night out, I seriously step it up (because I need to feel like there is still an actual body under my sweats;) One thing that has helped me was to buy a few pairs of seriously awesome shoes! Not expensive, just shoes you feel great in.
Ok, I am rambling;) Have a great day mamas!


Vanessa said...

Tiny-I need to invest in some shoes...I realized the other day I basically have TOMS and converse tennies--in black and gray (can I get more manly or boring?). My sister is a shoe hound...and I seem to give into kleptomania every time I enter her I may have some neat shoes in some very near future posts...(FANTASTIC!)

Megan, that is TOTALLY how I feel. WEIRD. But, I have been so down about myself for so long; I never felt like doing anything when I was wearing sweatpants, had frizzy hair, was wearing granny panties and had a pasty complexion (so...I NEVER felt like doing anything). I really feel like I have re-discovered (Jay as well) "an actual body under my sweat pants" (good one, Tiny) and I am starting to feel better about myself, have confidence and am being more social. No matter how many times I refuse to be social, the fact of the matter is I NEED people in my life. Dressing has made it easier for me to feel like doing things. But, yes, I feel WEIRD dressing then playing duck duck goose, at home, with only the kiddos. My boys and I work part time (Rafe says it is his work too...), out of the house, where I HAVE to dress a certain way. That helps when I have NO MOTIVATION to get ready.

Vanessa said...

Megan, you should totally invest in a sexy vintage apron. That way you can feel cute and womanly while you make your adorable cupcakes!