Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ooooo, it's swim wear--in your dreams, buddy!

One son has the flu (while on vacation, at what was bound to be his favorite place EVER--Great Wolf Lodge...saddest thing ever-I KNOW, I wept), one son is a maniac and NEEDS a nap...ALWAYS (for those of you who know my children, I will give you one guess as to which dear sweet child this could be), and one son is breastfed and needs me at LEAST every three hours (and I need him...nursing momma's breasts are known to explode).  However, I have been blessed with WONDERFUL in-laws who encouraged and enabled an outing for Jay and I at the indoor water park AND the outlets!  Thank you Joe and Char!

Old Navy coverup,  AE swim suit top (not shown) and I have no idea where my bottoms (not shown) came from...is that scary?

Here are my outlet finds thus far...


Next step: wearing them...DUN DUN DUN!  Croak.


Mkokopelli said...

I'm coming to OK to raid your closet!!!

Anna said...

wow, nice.