Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Eating like a champ!

 After a 4 day stay in the Children's Hospital, Mr. Gianni Rocco is nearly 2 pounds heavier and doing GREAT!  The brothers were so happy to have him home!

I didn't let on in the picture but, moments before I posed in front of the Christmas tree  (Oh, brother...how embarrassing) I received a slap on the hand for being overly dramatic and PISSED about my resolution rule.  My reaction to my sweats this morning was much like  a moth to a flame.  Somehow,  I dressed:

AE skinny distressed jeans, VS long sleeve tee, Old Navy cardigan, Uggs, Express zipper flower head band, Target earrings...AND if look closely, you will see a chip on my shoulder...


Anna said...

Good job! Glad baby boy is home and healthy! :)

P.S. I like to look and comment on your blog and I miss you too!

Esther S. said...

So glad G is home and doing better!

Vanessa said...

Thanks guys! He is doing great. We are all so happy!