Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jay took this picture for me before I left for work.  IT WAS FREEZING OUTSIDE.  I never warmed up after I took off my coat for this damn picture.  NEVER.  My teeth are still chattering.  If you look closely, the freezing cold apparently stopped the blood circulation to my looks like I am wearing socks.  I HATE YOU COLD!
Old Navy tunic henley, VS tank, AE jeans (I wear these A LOT.  Hopefully I can make a trip to Daisy Exchange and purchase some new cheap jeans; in the mean time, get used to it, I will keep wearing these A LOT), AE necklace, Target earrings, gray TOMS...I am NOT wearing socks.

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Candice said...

I love your socks! What color would you call that? Kind of an ashy elbow gray? When you go to Daisy exchange let me know clown. Mama needs some new jeanis