Thursday, January 13, 2011

I see my confidence a bad moon.

Or a bad joke.  HA HA HA.  Ok, moving on. 

I am feeling tad bit more comfortable dressing every day.  More comfortable, as in I don't feel like a clown. I do feel better about myself and am more likely to be spontaneously social when I dress. I went to church last night and didn't feel like my panties were in a wod--in fact, I stayed after to "socialize".  Maaaaaaybe I am creeping out of my little rut???   I still think it's easier avoiding social contact completely;  it's easier, not healthier.  BLAHHHHHHHHHH.  

I attempted to curl my hair...FAIL.  This is what I was hoping for ----->

<----This is very similar to what I achieved

 This is what I wanted to do after I was done curling it---->

I controlled myself, and put my hair up; you see?

I even added little flower clips (forever 21)...

 Gap ruffle front plaid shirt, AE cardigan, VS tank, 1921 straight leg jeans (Blue Seven), black TOMS.  (Notice, my arm is purposefully down by my side to avoid mannequin arm)


sarah said...

did you use a straightener to curl it? i have tried so many times to do that with my hair and got to where i just about chunked the darn thing through the wall. try hot rollers next time. oh and i can't text pics and my stupid sd card wasn't loading earlier.

Thompson Family said...

come see sheri and me at the salon and we can have a curling lesson! love your blog!

Margaret said...

Ok...I love your blog and the things you write. In fact, I have read it from the beginning all the way to the end...along with the comments, and now my eyeballs are there are sand granduals in them...and it's now 12:39am. Yes, I am a follower for sure...I love your sense of humor...hope you have a good-night sleep. Honk shoe wee....let me know if you need to drop the children off.... :) Love

Wow...if I logged on at 10:42pm...then no wonder my eyes are dried up and burning...hahaha...I enjoyed it though...! :)

Kate said...

HA. First of all, you would mention a bad moon.. I hate you. Second, you sound like me about the hair curling. How do other people do it?? Lastly, your outfit is extremely cute and I LOVE that purple plaid shirt! You look wonderful!

Vanessa said...

Sarah, I totally used my was baaaaad.

Other Sarah-Why did I not think of that?? That is BRILLIANT! Im going to bombard you and Sheri VERY soon...Ill bring owl cookies from One Smart Cookie!

Mom-I am very happy that your eyes are dried up and burning.

Kate, you can borrow that shirt. If I would have known you were reading I would have posted more than just "bad moon" face.

Karen said...

:) you're so funny vanessa! i've been trying to teach myself how to curl my hair with my chi too, i can't get it either! i'm gonna keep practicing! when i curl my hair i wrap it around the the barrel of the curling iron without using the clip, it makes loose waves that way!