Thursday, January 13, 2011


My initial purpose for my blog was to document for MYSELF, my big girl pants, my 2011, my 365 days of playing dress like a woman;  the blog was so that I had a point of reference-where I began, my growth, my end of the year result.  I was hoping the blog would force accountability and action.  I never dreamed that I would have a tiny following and LOVE it!  I am so encouraged by comments, blog stats, participation, etc.  I feel, for lack of a better word, "liked".  This is a good feeling!  This is a feeling I miss; not because I normally feel disliked, it's because for years I have avoided interacting.  So, thanks (blushing).

Back to the point of my post: Giveaways.  I never thought I would be doing giveaways.  I AM LOVING IT.  It is an opportunity for me to experiment in style/fashion AND allow readers to do the same!  I am really excited about it!  I actually have quite a few giveaways lined up (some aren't until spring due to a new line).  Here is a sneak peek; I cannot contain my excitement!

(These items are not necessarily items that you will win; these are just SOME items from each store that will be sponsoring a giveaway...more than likely, if you win, you will get to select ANY item from their store!)

  • Vintage inspired hair pins
  • Wine red chiffon flower brooch pin or hair clip
  • Black and silver chiffon hair pin
  • Vintage inspired hair pins - Pink
  • Hot pink flower brooch or hair clip
  • Color Changes Everything - red flower hair pin or brooch
  • A poppy - red chiffon hair clip brooch pin handmade
  • Mocha chiffon flower brooch
  • Chiffon and lace flower - blue fabric pin or hair clip
  • Red rose - chiffon flower clip or brooch
  • Orange mums - Vintage inspired hair pins
  • A poppy

  • Mr. Rogers (light blue) (circle scarf)
  • Checkmate (circle scarf)
  • Barely Brown (circle scarf)
  • Blueberry Waffle (circle scarf)
  • The Royal Waffle King (circle scarf)
  • Punky Brewster (circle scarf)
  • Little Recycled Girl Tank Top
  • Emerald Avenger (unisex circle scarf)
  • Cool Kid T-shirt
  • Regal Rachel (over the knee leg warmers)
  • Notorious Nellie Leg Warmers
  • Long John Lanie Leg Warmers

  • esoneofone midnight jersey blouse
  • Sailor's lover blouse- In Stock
  • esoneofone Madison Avenue handbag
  • Avenue Montagne Belt
  • esoneofone Soho handbag
  • esoneofone Nolita handbag
  • Silk Candy Mini Dress- IN STOCK
  • Azure Print V-Neck Dress - ON SALE
  • Romance Blouse -
  • esoneofone Perry bag crochet trim
  • esoneofone Feminine Jersey Top
  • esoneofone Lower East Side handmade bag

  • Women black dress with big collar and fabric belt
  • long sleeve Jacket
  • long sleeves big collar dress
  • long sleeves big collar tank shirt
  • La Luna long sleeves
  • SALE FREE SHIPPING La Luna Lycra fabric shirt by Totali Fashion
  • winter 2011 - women knit long sleeves by Totali Fashion
  • sale Luna Lycra fabric shirt by Totali Fashion
  • wrap dress by Totali Fashion
  • Winter woman tank top by Totali Fashion
  • Gray wrap dress by Totali Fashion
  • women dress La Luna by Totali Fashion

  • Silk Tee - Pastel Cloud
  • Silk Tee - Static Yellow Broken Stripe
  • Silk Tee - Engraved Broken Stripe
  • Silk Tee - Black Broken Stripe

Now, business:  The more readers I have, the more likely it is that stores will want to sponsor a giveaway (more readers=more potential customers for sponsoring stores;  Stores sponsor giveaways because it is a good way for their product to gain exposure,  creates traffic to their site/shop, and caters to a market group that more than likely already has an interest in the type  of product they are selling.  It's basically free advertising for the sponsor).  If you want more awesome giveaways, the next step is to get more readers/participants in the giveaways.  ALSO, if you know anyone who has an Etsy store, makes jewelry, sells Mary Kay, whatever, and would like to be a sponsor for a giveaway, have them email me.

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