Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 3 in the Children's Hospital. It's snowing. GIVEAWAY TOMORROW!

Day three in the Children's Hospital.  So far, so good.  Gianni Rocco has put on a whole pound!  We have a little piglet on our hands!  YOU GROW BOY (this made me laugh; how did I get so good at entertaining myself??)!  We are still waiting on lab results to come back; things are looking good!    

Gap cuffed sleeve off the shoulder (sort of) Tee, VS tank, AE skinny distressed jeans, gray TOMS, HAIR DOWN (win!!!), and forever21 faux diamond earrings

Apparently it is snowing outside.  I have yet to witness this since I am shut in room 412387453417--I have no idea where I am....I dont even remember getting up here...I am in a room though; a lonely, cold, boring room.  I managed to keep the janitor in here for 45 minutes...I just talked and talked and talked; I ignored his glances at his watch and continued talking; I even stood in front of the door once.  He was neat--I wonder what he thought about me? :)  

Now, BUSINESS.  I have my first giveaway coming up tomorrow.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE participate.  I am so excited and YOU have the opportunity to win some neat items to incorporate into your womanly wardrobe.  I need to have a post where people send pictures of their outfits...I need ideas on dressing "womanly".  That will be a future post for sure--I want to see your pictures...I NEED to see your pictures!  Ok back to business: tomorrow when I post the giveaway, PARTICIPATE.  I am excited, I love the stuff I received.  I really hope you guys like it to; I know you want to be a winner like me...

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