Saturday, January 22, 2011


We have a full day of SOCIAL Birthday events!  Jay let me sleep in this morning, WOOT!  When I woke up I threw on some big girl clothes, got ready in about 10 minutes and I FEEL GREAT!  I even semi-successfully (???) accessorized!  I think dressing day after day after day has made it easier for me to throw together outfits, and feel confident in how I dress.  Practice makes perfect, although not a TRUE statement, the basic concept still applies.  Ima keepin on keepin on!

Thank you all for the Birthday wishes!  By far, the one that touched my heart the most was from my dear schweet sister:

Here is my Birthday wish from Candice:  "You do a good job being you.  You suck ass."

 Gap Vintage Tee, VS tank, AE distressed skinnies, UGGS, Gap beaded necklace, Target earrings.

 Gap Cargo Jacket

 Gap beaded necklace

Target earrings

I will post pictures of the social activities tonight or tomorrow.  


The Parkers said...

As I was trying to be a copycat this morning and dress like a woman, I found myself wishing you would do a post on the process. How do you decide what to wear? Any rules for what goes with what? Any tips you have learned along the way? Just a thought for a post to help me not be so retarded :)

Vanessa said...

YES! Im all over that! GREAT. IDEA.